A note from Cere CEO – Fred Jin

Fred Jin sharing his thoughts on the vision to build up Cere Network to be the first decentralized CRM blockchain ecosystem.

Dear Community 👋

Hope everyone is doing well during this unprecedented time. Just like many others, our whole team is working remotely until everything clears up. We’ve always been remote-focused, so everything is humming along like a well-oiled machine. We hope you’re staying safe and healthy as well.

We’ve been heads down and working relentlessly towards our goal of delivering real solutions to clients and partners while increasing the capabilities and the robustness of our platform and network.

At Cere Network, we are not building up “just another protocol”. Instead we have been 100% true to our vision of building up Cere Network to be the first decentralized CRM blockchain ecosystem. We believe combining real-world SaaS solutions with our enterprise-focused blockchain network provides one of the first use cases to mass adoption in the blockchain world. Our focus has always been adoption, adoption, adoption!

We have been working hard with real-world partners who need faster and more efficient solutions using our tech and network features. This not only involves real sales/marketing efforts but also many rounds of product/project managing and integration of specific development work.

Yes, we know that building a real SaaS business takes time, and we are 100% committed to this process. We are Silicon Valley veterans who have done this before, and we embrace this challenge!

Yes, our approach is an order of magnitude more difficult than building just another protocol that potentially can do anything, but with no specific and optimized use cases. We see our hard work as a part of the necessary path to true product-market fit and mass adoption.

As our platform/network being solidified and readied for upcoming launches as we speak, we are proud to share the following progress:

  1. Major integration getting launched!(We’ll do a full on reveal of who they are soon) After completing two initial pilots, we are launching a major integration with a 300+ location US-based retail chain, providing a drop-in solution that drives online to offline customer engagements. This includes online and on-location rewards optimizations, predictive analytics, with key customer data & rewards integrated fully onto the Cere Data Network and blockchain.
  2. Cere Decentralized Data Network and Cere Dynamic Customer Data Platform launch.The key innovations at Cere Network revolve around our decentralized data network and customer data platform. We’ll have a deep dive on these key advancements in enterprise blockchain technologies with our community soon. To give you a preview, the Cere blockchain — alpha-mainnet has gone through extensive development and testing, release to production is imminent. The Cere data cluster that is not only designed and optimized for individual customer privacy and customization but also offers fully encrypted and tamper-proof data storage in conjunction with our blockchain.
  3. Solid pipeline.We have 2 other major integration being kicked off into the pilot stage, as well as a number of fortune 1000 businesses in active integration discussions. We are doubling down with our integrations with the likes of Matic and Parity specifically in the areas of true Interoperability andhorizontal scalability cross public/private chains in alignment with our customer needs.
  4. Team.Our team of 25 people continue to stay focused deliver our vision of combining real-world SaaS solutions (e.g. faster and more efficient software) with our enterprise-focused blockchain network, which we believe is the only key to mass adoption.In the last 2–3 months, we have had good success in growing the tech team, while staying within our ethos of focusing on quality over quantity.
  5. Save the date: Join me for an AMA on our Telegram group on May 29th! I’ll be discussing many of the community’s questions around our technology, our growth strategy & real-world usage, as well as launch status. Looking forward!

Fred Jin, Founder and CEO