The future of data decentralization starts with you

Join the Cere Angels Program to become a leader in the decentralized data movement!

Why become a Cere Angel?

For Cere to succeed in our mission to take data ownership back from big tech, we need to support all crypto enthusiasts in getting involved in the data decentralization movement. The Cere Angels Program empowers knowledgeable crypto leaders to help crypto enthusiasts get started on our platforms. We believe a lasting movement starts with meaningful interactions for first-time users that foster an environment for conversations and create feedback channels for our continued evolution. 

Grow as a community leader by joining the Cere Angel program!

What are Cere Angels?

Cere Angels are not just crypto enthusiasts that believe in Cere’s mission but also in the potential of the Cere community and the need for broad participation from users in shaping our growth. The movement grows with the diversity and talent of our community leaders, who provide their peers with the knowledge and support they need to become active members of the crypto community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will I do as a Cere Angel?

A: Cere Angels connect Cere users and data decentralization enthusiasts with opportunities to support the global crypto community via our platforms. You can be a mentor who guides new users through the DaVinci platform, an analyst who provides feedback on beta services and/or garners community feedback, a networker who organizes events and meet-ups, or a moderator supporting healthy and respectful community spaces. Whether it’s these talents or other unique skills that can support the community, we would love to hear from you so we can begin dialoguing about how you can best contribute.

Q:What we offer

A:  For each completed assignment, we offer $100 worth of CERE tokens to start. From there, your involvement can potentially deepen, and completing larger tasks will be rewarded accordingly. You’ll also gain valuable experience as a community leader that will help you in your future endeavors!

And start to earn by helping others learn.