Announcing Cere Network Early Mainnet Staking!

After years of development and thorough testing by the Cere Extended Developer community, the Cere team is now gradually opening up its mainnet and adjacent early mainnet staking to a limited number of participants!

Currently, the Cere mainnet is in Private Alpha state. Over the last 6 months, we have been driving operations to get Cere Mainnet ready for its Public Beta release. During these months we increased the Cere native token supply on the Private Mainnet Alpha, improved the security of the network, ran simulations, increased decentralization by adding new external validator nodes -run by our members from the Extended Developer Program- and developed numerous tools to monitor and interact with the network.

Amongst these tools is a private one-way bridge to transfer Cere tokens from ERC-20 to Cere Mainnet. Currently, only whitelisted ERC-20 addresses can transfer tokens over the Cere bridge. We are currently developing a two-way bridge to enable everyone to stake native Cere tokens on the Cere Mainnet. Until the release of the two-way bridge, it won’t be possible for investors to transfer their Cere tokens back to ERC20 tokens. By following best engineering and blockchain practices, the team is planning to be ready for Beta release in Q1 2022.

Today, we’re inviting Cere ecosystem participants such as community members, EDP-participants, private investors, channel partners, companies, and other Cere friends to submit their interest in the Cere staking program and be amongst the first to benefit from staking their tokens on Cere Mainnet!

The Cere team aims to reach the following milestones by March 1st, 2022:

  • 250M Staked on Cere Mainnet
  • 40 Validators (< 30% Cere Validators)
  • 13% APR

Submit your interest to join the staking pool now, or refresh your memory on the Cere token utility use cases below first!

Submit interest for mainnet staking!

The submission period has now closed. See How to Bridge to CERE Mainnet and Stake.