Closing the Cere Private Sale and opening up the Cere Public Sale Whitelist


Cere Network, the world’s first Decentralized Data and Finance Cloud platform built on Polkadot, has successfully finalized its private sale round. Today, we’re entering a new, exciting phase for the majority of the Cere community; the start of the Cere public sale process! Keep reading to learn more about whitelisting for the Cere public sale, and how you can even still qualify to invest in Cere at a special private sale price.

But first a quick recap:

We’re extremely grateful for all the inquiries and support of our fantastic community, with over $80M in requested allocation by over 6000 potential investors! After months of hard work and hundreds of due diligence/investor talks, Cere is now closing its highly successful, multiple times oversubscribed private sale. The Cere team chose the investors with whom we had the most synergy, and who could offer the most strategic value for Cere Network.