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The Public Sale, The Platform & The Whitelist


Dear Cere Community,

Today, we proudly announce another important milestone towards the much-anticipated Cere Network public sale!

In this blog, we’ll officially announce the Cere public sale, answer the most asked questions about the Republic platform and inform the community on the next phases of the whitelisting process.

The Cere Public Sale

We know that many of you have been waiting patiently for this public sale, given the often asked question “Why don’t you just hurry up and raise in this bull market?!”

We briefly touched on this recurring question in our Telegram community a couple of days ago:

“If we wanted to put up a smart contract and list it on Uniswap we could be done in 2 days.”

Obviously, that’s not the route we’re taking for the Cere public sale. If you want to have a diligent public sale process, raise private round investments from value-adding institutional investors, work with amazing teams like Republic, complete a Web3 grant, and onboard US enterprises to the network before launch to make sure all the (SEC) utility token boxes are checked, it simply takes time.

We achieved what we promised to do. Later this month (so in Q1!), our TGE partner Republic will host the long-awaited $CERE token offering for qualifying investors!

Amid a time of historic growth for the blockchain industry, this will be one of the first major token offerings available to qualifying U.S. participants in 2021. Participants from around the world will also be able to participate, pursuant to local regulatory guidelines. Next to that, the $CERE offerings will support mobile purchases, another major milestone for a fast-maturing space!

Cere’s x Republic

In the months prior to our Republic announcement, many of you have tried to guess which platform Cere would launch on. None of you guessed it. That’s understandable, since, after Republic’s own Republic Note sale, which closed $26m in mere hours, Cere will be the first major token sale on the Republic platform!

In the short FAQ below, we’ll let you know why we’re so excited about this collaboration and how you can participate on the Republic platform.

  1. Why we chose Republic

In the past 6 months, Cere has been in talks with all of the major TGE platforms in the space. Being as desired as a project like Cere, comes with its own set of luxury problems.

In our assessments, the Republic platform stood out for its reputation, battle-tested platform, a team of industry veterans, world-famous backers, and seamless compliance with US KYC/AML laws.

The Republic team has been an early investor in Cere via their crypto venture arm Republic Labs. Republic Labs didn’t just invest in our seed round but has even led the latest Cere private sale round. This level of support and skin in the game is hard to be topped. The Cere and Republic teams are approaching this public sale process jointly and as equals, aimed at making the investment process as flawless as possible for future $CERE token holders.

2. Who can invest on Republic?

Almost everyone.

As we have mentioned indirectly above, we’re thrilled to announce that Republic’s SEC-compliant platform allows for US investors to invest in Cere’s public sale, which is a rarity for the crypto industry. There are a number of implications on this process, such as the exemption that tokens sold to US investors can’t ‘access’ the United States market within 12 months of the finalization of the public sale.

(The Cere token is not and will not be offered or sold, directly or indirectly, to any person who is a resident, organized, or located in any country or territory subject to OFAC comprehensive sanctions programs from time to time, including Cuba, Crimea region of Ukraine, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran, Syria, any person found on the OFAC specially designated nationals, blocked person list, any other consolidated prohibited person list as determined by any applicable governmental authority.)

3. How can I invest on Republic?

Republic offers users the possibility to invest using USD (by bank transfer/CC) as well as cryptocurrencies. Republic will offer $BTC, $ETH and $USDC payment options.

4. How does the Republic sign-up process work?

Anyone can create a free account at In order to invest, you must accept certain terms and conditions, including an acknowledgment that you understand the risk involved. In order for any investors to participate in the Cere sale, you must complete a full investor profile in order to comply with the anti-money laundering (AML) compliance policy of the platform.

Please note that for US and Canadian investors, Republic accepts all government-issued forms of identification, including passports, to perform the required AML identity verification. For non-US investors, Republic only accepts passports for identity verification. In addition, US investors will need to verify their status as accredited investors in order to complete their investment.

We strongly encourage those interested in participating to complete this pre-registration process well in advance of the public sale in order to avoid any potential delays in processing your information and will be releasing additional information and instruction soon.

The whitelist

During the TGE platform negotiation talks, there has always been the possibility of hosting the Cere token sale ourselves if we didn’t find a suitable match. For this reason, we put up the first whitelist that many of you subscribed to, to ensure that we could inform interested community members on the public sale process.

But don’t be worried, this does not mean you signed up for nothing! As stated before, this was just the first step in the whitelisting process.

We won’t be able to add every applicant to the Republic whitelist. That being said, we have meticulously followed the different Cere channels to select community members who have demonstrated that they are potential Cere ambassadors in the future. We will reach out to these members (who are currently unaware of their whitelist status) in the coming days.

We have a designated number of whitelist slots on Republic available for Cere community members and official whitelist events. The Cere team, together with local community members, will add community members to this list in the coming weeks, up until 48 hours before the kick-off of the Republic sale.

This means the whitelisting process will be ongoing until 48 hours before the public sale.

We constantly encouraged our community members to distinguish themselves from the crowds by adding value to our community. This could be done by making videos, engaging in the community, translating articles, writing articles, sharing posts on social media, etc.

In order to reward these community members for their efforts, we want to (potentially) reward them with a spot in the public sale. These community members will be contacted by the team and will be added.

In addition to personally selecting community members, the Cere team will conduct lotteries as well as organizing (cross-community) events that can earn you a whitelist spot!

Upcoming whitelist events

To make good use of our former (and now closed!) whitelist form, the first whitelist event will be a lottery to draw the first 100 lucky participants for the public sale on Monday, March 15th, 3 PM CET.

To keep the pace and fill up the whitelist, we’ll launch our next event shortly after. This event will require our community members to have a nice chat with the soon-to-be upgraded Cere Bot.

Together with our bot-expert @dblama(❤), we created a fool-proof bot that will allow our community to easily increase their chances of getting officially whitelisted. Those who already signed up for the earlier whitelist will have (some) advantage in the Bot selection process.

Starting March 15th, 4 PM CET, our community members will have 72 hours to have a chat with the Cere Bot, who will challenge you to learn more about Cere and will also inform you on how to contribute to the project. On March 19th, 3 PM CET, we’ll congratulate the next 50 lucky participants on their official whitelist position.

These two whitelist events are part of a series of (cross-community) events in the upcoming weeks. Rest assured, there will be a chance for everyone reading this blog to participate in the Cere public sale!

Wrapping up

Follow our Telegram announcement channel to stay up to date on all the exciting news we’re releasing in the coming weeks, amongst which are the Cere tokenomics that are nearing finalization.

We appreciate your patience, and we’ll make sure to reward it.


Team Cere.

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