CERE Event Recaps (HIMSS, Provada & Brainport)

Winter has come, and it’s not our first! We are now finalizing the Mainnet full release, DDC v2, the relaunch of Davinci, and delivering our core products to Web3 partners in self-serve capabilities. Before getting too cozy in this bear market, we think it is the best time to gain real engagement from various web2 industries & BUIDL BUIDL BUIDL.

Our CEO Fred Jin has been focusing on web2 industries while attending HIMSS Helsinki, Provada Amsterdam, and Brainport additive manufacturing. The exposure of web3 to web2 is what we think is the KEY to driving this adoption – building solutions envisioned and wrapped around the current limitations of web2. Not just the technology-push approach that web3 companies like CERE usually take.

HIMSS Europe, Delivering Next Gen Health and Care

The captains of industry in digital health, pharma, and patient-data analytics companies were roaming freely on the exhibition floor as prey for cloud giants like AWS, Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure – Who are rapidly ingesting the world of centralized data.

Meanwhile, Fred was there to onboard projects, test and evaluated the CERE technology, and showcase a novel CERE approach to enable a new patient and privacy-first path to health data ownership to power the future of personalized healthcare.

At CERE, we are enabling the use of our technology without forcing our partners to migrate or abandon their current processes. We all know this is not the industry that takes risks.

At HIMSS, we have taken the stage with governments, pharma companies, and other web3 projects to highlight the capabilities of our CERE stack, leading to new project proposals to our new friends in healthcare over the coming weeks.

One of these projects revolves around the decentralized collection of user-enriched health profiles to match the longitudinal research of Pharma companies looking to include patients in trials. Stay tuned!

Provada, the leading Real estate conference in NL

Next to Digital Health, our CEO Fred Jin visited Provada in the Netherlands to discuss CERE use cases with the largest Real Estate investors. We are decentralizing the building lifecycle with our DDC v2 and complementary utilities that allow for wallet+browser straightforward deployment & showcasing of decentralized assets.

One of the Netherlands’ largest asset management companies took a considerable interest in the CERE protocol and is currently testing our utility to safely extract anonymized tenant information from their buildings’ data to improve services and predict tenant moves.

Another interesting use case is a new Real Estate partner with whom we are currently working, who captures the parametric design of new buildings and stores all building parameters (for example, model, material, quantity, and effects). They also ensure smooth collaboration through the building lifecycle phase. No matter which software is used by the following company, the data stays intact. (# BuildingNFT’s anyone?)

Brainport Masterclass – Scalable production of high-volume am-applications

Being involved in the incubator of high-tech is fundamental. Fred Jin’s final stop on this CERE roadshow V1 was at Brainport Eindhoven, Europe’s most prominent high-tech innovation incubator. Data model interoperability and protection for additive manufacturing are critical in the high-tech industries. Local printed car parts or new material research in pharmaceutical 3d printing is still in its infancy (for which industry did we hear that before?). The AM industries need the most advanced and fitting decentralized data infrastructure to accompany their unique way of scaling.

Many additive technology solutions are scaling up, but the cost won’t decrease. Why is that? Every model needs to be manually checked by experts before signing off. For many high-tech scale-ups to grow out of the experimenting phase and move towards a profitable business, or for any high-quality production process, the competitive data – and intellectual property strategies are best delivered decentralized with granular access and shared encrypted with validators before models and their digital twin leave the factory floor.

New connections were made between CERE and these industries, scoping out the best use cases in the coming weeks to start driving collaborative projects. This event concluded our road trip of visiting three new sectors to learn and adapt from. Now the team is aligning our internal product roadmap on real-world use cases!


The last three days were fantastic exposure for CERE with their new partners. The count is at least 8-10 concrete project proposals we plan to realize POCs. Are you already picking the color of your Lambo? You will need to be patient, as web2 brings in direct revenue but is also a controlled environment that can’t abandon 30 years of incremental improvements to teleport into CERE products. The costs for R&D remain high, and there is never any certainty during the current economic environment. We continue to invest in adoption and drive new industry collaboration to ensure we’re out on top!

We’re ready to show you our new products Mainnet, DDC V2 & relaunch of Davinci, and we continue to stay relevant for all industries to start benefiting from the extent of decentralized data infrastructure. We’re also investing & developing our way through the bear market to make CERE leading the next wave of web3 adoption.

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Cere Network is the first Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) platform built on Substrate and Polygon. Cere is the first Web3 project that facilitates trustless cloud data storage, integration, and data collaboration across blockchain networks, as well as Web3 NFT, metaverse, and gaming content. Cere is backed by the world’s largest institutions and projects, including Binance Labs, Republic Labs, and Polygon.

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