$CERE Mainnet to be listed on Bitget

Cere Network is excited to announce that $CERE Mainnet/native tokens will be added to Bitget exchange! So, starting next Monday, August 22, users can deposit and trade $CERE on the “Better Trading, Better Life” crypto exchange.

The $CERE token supports both the Cere Mainnet and the world’s first blockchain-based Trustless Delivery Network (TDN) solution, created to secure and optimize decentralized data storage and transfer. This technology supports the following solutions:

  • Cere Freeport, the secure digital asset vault and solution suite for NFT-backed assets
  • And numerous third-party integrations.
  • DaVinci, the world’s first NFT experience platform

$CERE fuels the latest and most secure developments in the NFT market!

Celebrate With Us and Win Free $CERE!

To celebrate this listing, Cere Network and Bitget are hosting a campaign to reward depositors with the opportunity to acquire $CERE!

Get Your Share by Depositing $CERE

Traders who deposit a minimum of $100USD worth of CERE on the exchange can also share in a prize pool of $15,000 worth of $CERE! All we need is a minimum of 200 users who deposit $100+ worth of $CERE, and we are sure that our community will meet this requirement.

Win by Trading $CERE

When trading launches on 29th August at 12 PM UTC, if you trade $100 worth of CERE, you will be eligible to win a share of $5,000 worth of CERE (based on your trading volume in proportion to the total CERE trading amount during the campaign period).

Important dates:

22nd August – Deposits for CERE open on Bitget

29th August – Trading begins on Bitget

8th September – Trading campaign ends

About Cere Network

Cere Network is the world’s first web3 data network powering the future of web3 applications with trustless content delivery/streaming capabilities as well as decentralized data cloud solutions optimized to power interactions between users, (NFT) assets, and applications.

From launching the world’s first blockchain-based decentralized data cloud (DDC) storage solution to creating the world’s first NFT experience platform (DaVinci), Cere continues to expand the applications of protected decentralized data storage applications e for all Web3 users. Cere Network is backed by the world’s largest institutions and projects, including Binance Labs, Republic Labs, and Polygon.

More information about Cere Network:
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More information about Bitget:

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