Cere Network announces partnership with Ankr

Today, Cere is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Ankr, who’s goal is to simplify blockchain node hosting. Via this technical partnership, Cere is taking a big step towards decentralization of the network, utilizing Ankr’s easy node deploy services. Vice versa, Ankr is joining the SaaS-DeFi alliance, initiated by Cere Network to improve the DeFi landscape and to make it suitable for enterprises.

Truly decentralizing the network for Cere

In a perfect world, token holders and clients of any blockchain project are able to run as many nodes as they want of their favorite blockchain, contributing to the decentralization of the network to earn rewards by staking their tokens.

But unfortunately, the reality is different. Decentralization is still far away for most projects, and often the company itself is hosting the majority of nodes. This brings a few significant drawbacks , such as high cloud expenses for the projects and exposing the network to a single point of failure.

With this partnership, Cere will start using the hosting solutions provided by Ankr to kickstart the decentralization of the network. By starting out the right way, Cere aims to avoid the above-mentioned drawbacks.

The SaaS-DeFi alliance

As part of this partnership, Ankr joins Cere’s SaaS-DeFi alliance, which aims to establish universal protocol standards for the enterprise DeFi space and improve communications between the enterprises and the DeFi ecosystem, and to prevent crises in the future.

About Ankr

Ankr positions itself as the “gateway to the Web3”. They do this by connecting consumers, developers and enterprises to the new internet, in a few easy clicks.

With Ankr’s technology, users can connect to Web3 in a matter of minutes and start staking nodes and use developer APIs to easily build Web3 products. The APIs give access to major blockchain and DeFi protocols. Enterprises have access to various turnkey solutions for exchanges, staking platforms, data analytics providers and more!

Currently, Ankr is supporting over 50 protocols and deployed over 8000 nodes. In the near future, Ankr will launch Ethereum 2.0 node services, integrate new major blockchain protocols and further improve security measures.

All you need to know about Ankr

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