Cere Network Introduction

Introducing Cere Network. The world’s first blockchain CRM and CDP solution for service data integration and collaboration.

Since the advent of blockchain, distributed ledger technology has been utilized to tackle inefficiencies in every industry. Blockchain is enabling decentralized means of connecting the world’s ecosystems leading to a frictionless global economy. Financial systems, the real estate market, data storage, healthcare, insurance, and many other industries are being transformed rapidly. However, until now, no one has applied the unique advantages of distributed ledger technology to solve the rampant inefficiencies and disjunction between the customer relationship management and customer data platform landscapes. Cere Network is building the first blockchain-powered CRM and CDP ecosystem that allows businesses to finally extract meaningful, actionable insights on the customer journey.

The CRM industry is one of the quickest growing segments in the software market with spending on CRM solutions growing by 15.8% and reaching $48 billion in 2018. Unfortunately, current CRM solutions are suffering from only having access to a limited pool of data which hampers companies’ ability to engage with customers in a meaningful manner. The problem lies in the disconnect between CRM solutions today — a majority of customer data is isolated and locked into homogeneous CRM systems which makes it impossible to tease out clear customer insights and share the data among business units and partners. These systems are not only costly but also expose customer privacy and leave customer data vulnerable due to having a central point of attack.

We are the first blockchain CRM and CDP ecosystem designed with a strong focus on customer data privacy and secure data collaboration built into its core. The effort is led by Silicon Valley vets, with 20 years of experience from Amazon, Twitch and Bebo, who understand how to engineer solutions for the world’s most intricate problems. By engineering a complete solution on the blockchain, we are solving for CRM/CDP’s biggest issues in customization, efficiency, and secure and privacy-preserving data sharing.

Building a CRM/CDP platform on the blockchain offers many distinct benefits over traditional CRM platforms such as SalesForce. It allows for unparalleled security and usability through the use of a decentralized storage system that can store and encrypt sensitive user data. Businesses and Vendors can access this data without exposing personally identifiable information which can then be safely delegated to machine learning algorithms and AI for analysis. Although SalesForce has come a long way in integrating new technologies to augment its CRM platform, it still leaves much to be desired.

Cere Network has built a robust set of tools that allow businesses to implement incentive and reward services seamlessly into any app and facilitate direct user acquisition from one business to another without the use of middlemen.

Companies are desperately looking for a solution that will allow them to not only reach but also retain new customers. In fact, they are spending more and more on fragmented CRM solutions, when the truth is, they don’t need to be. The fragmentation in the industry needs to be resolved for companies to maximize sales and experiences, and that is what our team is devoted to doing — bringing control of data back to businesses so they can actively improve their services and products for their customers.

We’re excited to challenge the status quo of the CRM and CDP landscape and cement Cere Network as the future leading incumbent for secure, accessible, and actionable customer data insights.

To learn more about Cere Network, please visit us at https://cere.network/ and our Medium or communicate with us through Telegram @t.me/cerenetwork_official and Twitter @cerenetwork