Cere Network Sticker Competition Results!

Two weeks ago we issued an exciting sticker competition for all creatives in our community.

The sticker competition has now been concluded! With over 30 different submissions, visualizing the Cere Network, we have settled on our winners. Due to the high-quality of all submissions it was hard  to take the plunge, so let’s see what the jury has to say!

Stickers are fun and bring engagement in our community, it is visual must for any blockchain project.

Therefore we couldn’t wait to challenge you. We want to thank all community members who participated and took time for a sticker design.

Community members can use the stickers packs in their chats for fun and extensive interactions. Our community members put lots of effort in their designs to make a cool representation of the Cere Network.

The jury includes team members from Cere & external blockchain and software experts, this to ensure objectivity is in place.

The Results:

You made it very hard to decide the top 3 winners. We got overloaded with high quality submissions, but we came to a unanimous decision.

We are thrilled to announce the following 3 winners.


1st Place Winner: Trkin603 — Congratulations!

Schermafbeelding 2021 01 28 om 13.53.12

Reward: $200

2nd Place Winner: Nilwan

Schermafbeelding 2021 01 28 om 13.48.10

Reward: $100

3rd Place Winner: Gold Hard

Schermafbeelding 2021 01 28 om 13.44.59

Reward: $50

Congratulations to all winners!

We will contact the winners directly to arrange all rewards.

Cere would like to thank all participants for their amazing designs. Stay tuned for the next competition, which will be announced soon!