Cere Network Teams Up With Matic Network Community to Offer Private Token Sale

To help inaugurate our partnership with Matic, we gratefully offered members of the Matic community an exclusive chance to obtain CERE tokens first, in advance of our IEO token sale slated to be held in the future.

This opportunity was presented in order to help drive liquidity[b] between our ecosystems and build traction for our upcoming scaling initiatives to bring CRM to the forefront of the industry.

To strengthen our relationship, we gave an opportunity to Matic community members to get involved in CERE and invest up to 100,000 USD total.[c]

In less than 9 hours, we received over 168 submissions pledging over 120M Matic tokens, which are worth 1.7M USDon the market at this moment. This marks a 16x oversubscription of the exclusive private sale. We are surprised and flattered by the enthusiasm of the Matic community! This strengthens our conviction in our product integration with Matic Network. In the next week we’ll review the participants’ entries and reach out accordingly to finalize the sale.

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CERE Tokens — Powering Data Fidelity, Security and Collaboration

CERE Tokens are the invaluable fuel for our CRM platform, creating a tokenomic structure that ensures integrity of the network and provides enterprises a way to purchase services like customer data and analytics. By creating an economic structure around CERE, we’re tying in the value of the data industry itself to the token, providing long-lasting, robust value for [d]token holders. Coupled with our industry agnostic — CRM network, participants from all types of businesses can utilize CERE to cooperate and build better, more comprehensive customer data profiles, leading to better insights and ROI.[e]

About Cere

Cere Network is the first blockchain CRM ecosystem platform optimized for service data integration and collaboration. While most blockchains are simply distributed ledgers, the Cere Blockchain solution captures the entire customer journey on the blockchain and stores key user data such as purchases, achievements, and usage in the user wallet. Cere[f] Network is founded by Silicon Valley veterans with 20 years of experience from Amazon, Twitch and Bebo.

What’s Next?

The success of the Matic private sale gives us an opportunity to calibrate our upcoming IEO. If this sale was any indication of what’s to come, you’ll want to stay tuned to our Medium and Telegram for the latest news on where and how to participate in the future sale.

To learn more about Cere Network, please visit us at https://cere.network/ and our Medium or communicate with us through Telegram @t.me/cerenetwork_official and Twitter @cerenetwork