New $CERE Staking Dashboard

We are excited to announce that the brand new Cere Staking Dashboard has been launched this week! This much improved new dashboard offers an enriched user experience for Cere (native) token holders to seamlessly bond and unbond $CERE tokens; select validators for nomination; access comprehensive statistics on both validators and the wider network; view staking rewards and much more. In this article, we will delve into the dashboard’s functionality and provide an overview of this newly enriched feature set.

🏡Cere Staking Dashboard 

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New $CERE Staking Dashboard

Cere has simplified the process of staking $CERE tokens through the new dashboard, making it more intuitive and user-friendly, designed specifically for $CERE holders who wish to engage in native staking on the network. The new dashboard does this by offering more essential information and a more comprehensive set of features to ensure a seamless staking experience with minimal effort. By doing so, $CERE token holders can participate much easier to enhance Cere Network security and decentralization, encouraging a greater degree of participation from a wider set of less technical token holders.

The new Staking Dashboard offers an overview tab with information on the state of the network, a Staking tab with all relevant information about your staking activities, and a Validators tab that allows you to sort validators by commission rate and exclude inactive or blocked validators.

With the new Dashboard, users can more easily than ever:

  • See the current inflation rate, rewards rate, supply stake, current era and nominators.
  • Bond tokens and nominate them so that you can start earning rewards.
  • Stop nominating funds and select new Nominators to maximize rewards.
  • Change the destination address for staking rewards.
  • Stop nominating funds and unbond tokens.
  • Track top validators in the Favorites section.

The interface connects to your existing Cere (Substrate-based) wallet, with support for Polkadot-JS. Learn more about connecting your wallet to Cere Mainnet here.

We asked Dan, Product Manager at Cere Network, to tell us more!

Find out how to stake your $CERE in the video below!

What’s Next?

Future improvements to the staking dashboard include integration with DDC, improved dark-mode support, and more.

The Cere Staking Dashboard is part of a larger open-source initiative aiming to inspire the development of other components that will contribute to a larger library of reusable, generic UX components for the Cere (and broader Substrate) ecosystem. Cere is making staking more accessible to all $CERE holders and creating a more secure and decentralized network.

Users are encouraged to try out the new dashboard and provide feedback for future updates here!

👉 Check out the new Cere Staking Dashboard LIVE 

Learn more in Cere Staking Dashboard | Playbook. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, check 💜 Polkadot’s docs or write us in Discord.

But thats not all..

Get ready to witness the launch of Cere’s long-awaited Decentralized Data Cloud V2. This groundbreaking milestone sets the stage for an array of exciting advancements in the protocol’s development. Stay tuned as we unveil a series of important updates that complement the DDC V2, accompanied by a treasure trove of valuable content. Brace yourself for an epic journey ahead!

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