Building Blocks
for your Web3 Apps

Embark on a journey through our vision, delve into our cutting-edge technologies, and stay updated on our latest developments.

Game LP Slider Game Portal

Core Tech


Host your applications on Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud.


Run a validator, become a nominator, vote on governance proposals.

NFT Registry

Dynamically map content to your NFT collections.


Decentralised content delivery network.


Mint NFTs & configure royalty payments.

Cere Wallet

Transact, store, manage NFTs & Crypto assets.

Web3 Gaming

Gaming SDK

Enable Cere Wallet and interact with the decentralized leaderboard.

Game Creator Studio

Launch & manage your games through our GUI (coming soon…)

Web3 Game Portal

Build & deploy your own Decentralized App store (coming soon…)

NFT Achievements

Mint NFTs to reward & retain users.

NFT Marketplace

Allow players to trade their in-game assets & achievements.

Web3 Gaming Wallet

Store user achievements & facilitate in-game payments.

Web3 Video Streaming

Video Streaming

Decentralized & trustless video streaming.

Web3 Video Player

Stream high quality video from our dCDN.