The Cere Roadmap to Fully Decentralized Governance

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Cere is in constant motion, and today, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest and most significant initiative, the Cere Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This milestone marks a pivotal step towards realizing our vision of a shared, open ecosystem.


Taking inspiration from other decentralized projects like MakerDAO, Uniswap, and Aave, we are committed to orchestrating a sustainable and fair governance structure where every ecosystem participant has a voice in Cere’s future.

Since Cere’s inception in 2019, our core innovation team has always wanted to distribute decision-making authority far and wide. Our goal has always been to ensure that control isn’t concentrated in the hands of a few but rather shared collectively. With help from top legal experts, we put together a roadmap towards a Cere ecosystem governed entirely by the community.

In this article, we unveil our roadmap, laying the foundation for the DAO to independently manage the Cere ecosystem in collaboration with the community,  aiming to achieve a 100% transparent, inclusive, and fully decentralized ecosystem.

Cere Community 🤝 $CERE Token: Empowering Roadmap Execution

The synergy between the Cere Community and the $CERE token forms the bedrock of our decentralization roadmap, with the $CERE token enabling community members to actively participate in governance on both technical and protocol matters and increasing impact on financial decisions related to the Cere ecosystem.

In addition to governance, the $CERE token will also serve as the key utility and security component, as the Cere Blockchain will be powering Decentralized Data Clouds around the world, tokenizing data cloud revenue into $CERE to reward validators, nominators, individual $CERE stakers, and on-chain treasury, managed by the Cere DAO.

Furthermore, as part of our meticulously planned roadmap, the Cere Foundation is progressively transferring all $CERE token reserves to the DAO, ultimately achieving complete DAO ownership and operation. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to community-driven decentralization.


Unveiling the Cere DAO: A Pillar of Decentralized Governance

The Cere DAO is instrumental to Cere’s commitment to decentralized governance. It guarantees that critical decisions and strategies within the network are increasingly made collaboratively by its community rather than concentrated within the Cere Core team.

This democratic approach enables transparency and empowers community members, giving them a voice in shaping the network’s direction. With access to treasury funds, the Cere DAO is entrusted with financial autonomy, demonstrating our trust in the collective wisdom of our community. Cere DAO aims to be a beacon of decentralization, fostering innovation and growth aligned with its community’s collective vision. 

The Imperative of Decentralized Governance in Cere DAO’s Self-Sustained Journey

As a decentralized network, Cere must be governed in a way that is fair and transparent to all stakeholders. Here is where decentralized governance comes into play.

Governance is the process by which decisions are made concerning the future of a blockchain network. In Cere Network, governance is carried out by token holders who can vote on proposals that impact the ecosystem through Polkassembly. This platform enables $CERE token holders to participate in on-chain governance for its Substrate-based protocol, such as protocol adjustments and fund allocation. For further details on past and upcoming referenda and grants, visit our recently launched Cere Hub.

How can $CERE token holders shape the future of the ecosystem?

Cere DAO, a diagram for decentralized governance

One of the key goals of the Cere DAO is to foster $CERE token holders towards upgrading their reputation in the community according to their role and engagement. There are different ways $CERE token holders can shape the future of the Cere Ecosystem:

  • Vote with $CERE Tokens: $CERE Token Holders have the power to influence network operations and functionality by voting on network-affecting proposals. They also play a crucial role in determining how funds are allocated within the network using our Polkassembly Governance Voting Tool (1 $CERE = 1 Vote). To learn more about how Cere utilizes Polkassembly, watch our informative video.
  • Swiss Association Membership: $CERE token holders can elevate their participation by applying to join the Swiss Association. Being a member of the Swiss Association will put participants in a curated environment to discuss impactful matters and gain access to sensitive debates and discourses, jointly shaping the project’s future.
  • DAO General Assembly: DAO Members may aspire to become part of the DAO General Assembly, as a natural path upward for those committed to providing value and work for the common good in the Cere community, as well as actively participating in the governance proposals.

    The General Assembly holds the responsibility to admit and dismiss DAO Observers (trusted industry veterans that will initially oversee operations and management), amend Articles of Association, approve financial statements and reports, and supervise and grant discharge to members of the Association’s bodies (1 Member = 1 Vote).
  • DAO Observer: Members of the General Assembly can become DAO Observers as they build a record of commitment and proven capacity to help the ecosystem thrive through decentralized governance, by submitting their interest through the process established in the DAO’s articles of association.

From today, you can express your interest in becoming a member of the Cere DAO by applying through the Cere Hub. After undergoing an on-chain wallet verification in the next 2 weeks, to check that you meet the voting threshold, as well as email and Discord verification, you’ll become eligible for an official invitation to become a member of our Association!

Seamless Synergy: Embracing Substrate’s Governance Innovations

Substrate’s approach to governance aligns with Cere’s decentralization goals. Their robust, flexible, and open-source governance framework enables seamless governance processes. Substrate’s ongoing enhancements to its governance toolset and infrastructure are a perfect match for Cere’s mission to drive decentralization. 

This collective innovation stack and best practices shared across the Substrate ecosystem are critical for enabling continuous improvement, they provide a platform for community discourse, proposal discussions, and collective decision-making. In fact, the Cere team and community have been actively engaged in running referenda, proposals, and grants within this framework, which are constantly updated on the Cere Information Hub. All are aimed to create a self-sustaining ecosystem where the community together with the DAO will shepherd it into a fully decentralized and thriving future.


Collaborating with Industry Leaders: Navigating Towards Utmost Decentralization

Fulfilling our ambitious goals required tackling complex questions and making pivotal decisions to ensure the sustainability of our DAO roadmap toward full decentralization. In this process, we’ve been supported by the best advisors and legal councils in the industry, who bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record in assisting the world’s leading Web3 projects when it comes to decentralizing governance, advising and continuously guiding top-tier projects such as MakerDAO, Aave, and Uniswap.

  • Independent Directors and Assembly:

To guarantee a seamless transition toward full decentralization, the Cere Foundation has onboarded industry experts as its directors. Their vast experience through renowned Director Agencies Marfire and Hash Directors makes them invaluable for our transition. 

Similarly, for the Cere DAO, software veterans have been onboarded as Observers, and are expected to lead and fully integrate the resources and responsibilities of the Cere DAO in the near future.

  • DAO Observers Decision-Making:

DAO Observers serve as the guardians of the Cere Ecosystem, nurturing it towards self-reliance and prosperity. Their pivotal roles encompass ensuring that decisions within the DAO resonate with its core principles and objectives. They provide insights into the DAO’s strategic direction, oversee operations, and engage with ecosystem stakeholders, in addition to overseeing the DAO’s financial aspects.

  • Meetings and Observer Reporting:

For a detailed overview of upcoming DAO initiatives and Director Meeting Reports, see the dedicated Cere Hub page for the Cere DAO!

Cere DAO, a list of activities with descriptions and dates


Be Part of the Cere Vanguard: Shaping the Future of Web3 Ecosystem Best Practices

The success of the Cere DAO highly depends on the continuous involvement of our community. To ensure community involvement is as accessible as possible, we’ve launched the Cere Hub, gathering all the information to guide you on your DAO journey. 

Your participation is a big step toward a truly independent, community-governed ecosystem, setting a precedent for the future of the Web3 space.

So, don’t wait – JOIN THE CERE DAO ✨NOW✨ and be at the forefront of shaping innovation!