Halborn X Cere Network AMA: Revolutionizing Data Management with Martijn Broersma

In today’s digital world, data has become an invaluable asset for companies looking to make informed business decisions. But with the rise of data breaches and cyber attacks, companies are becoming increasingly concerned about the security and privacy of their data. This is where Cere Network comes in. 

In this exclusive AMA with Halborn, Martijn Broersma, CMO of Cere Network, explains how Cere is revolutionizing the way companies track, manage, and analyze their data, while providing a censorship-resistant, white label package of solutions for enterprise customers. 

But Cere Network is not just another data management platform; it’s the world’s first truly decentralized data protocol.

Cere is doing to data what Bitcoin did to Money. 

In this video, Martijn delves deeper into the problem Cere Network is solving and how they’re making the adoption of decentralized data as simple and easy as traditional data and payment SDKs. This is a must-watch for Web3 professionals and data infrastructure specialists who want to stay ahead of the curve.

As Martijn explains in the video, Cere Network is not just looking to help companies secure their data, but also provide insights into customer behavior and performance metrics, allowing them to create custom dashboards, reports, and visualizations to get a better understanding of their data. 

Additionally, the platform is being used to develop a Web3 Netflix for an animation studio with decades of content while tapping into new audiences. It’s clear that Cere Network is at the forefront of the decentralized data revolution and is a game-changer for companies looking to secure and better utilize their data.

Key Updates:

  • Martijn discussed how Cere got started as a decentralized Sales Force before evolving into a world-first, truly decentralized data platform—with the goal of doing to data what Bitcoin is doing to money—and making decentralized data as easy to access as decentralized finance.

  • Polygon’s partnership with Cere on Freeport and its NFT minting tools was also discussed, along with use cases of Cere’s Tools & Services as demonstrated by DaVinci. DaVinci has created an immersive experience with interactive Web3 video overlays in its exhibitions.

  • The white label NFT marketplace and Web3 multimedia tools used by DaVinci are being employed by third-party platforms already, and Cere is now ready to onboard more users after testing tools and functions on DaVinci with world class artists as well as with current partners.

  • Cere has now partnered with LiveOne, for example, an international digital media company offering music and live entertainment streaming. Through Cere’s end-to-end NFT and DDC solution, LiveOne is now able to productize any exclusive artist content as NFTs on-demand.

  • A fine art publication will also be using Cere’s white label marketplace to power their own Open Sea-like platform for NFTs.

  • Cere is collaborating with an animation studio as well to create a Web3-enabled media content platform that will leverage their existing user base, as well as acquire new users through the use of sophisticated user acquisition tools and Cere’s experienced team.

  • Cere’s technology also allows developers to create browser-based Web3 games with white label wallets that enable game integration and the creation of a digital game economy outside conventional app stores, as can be seen in Cere’s upcoming game demo.

  • Meanwhile, developers and retail investors can partake in the ecosystem once repos for developers are rolled out in the near future—as well as the Cere Angel program, which rewards contributors who help promote Cere or contribute to development.

  • In terms of security measures, Halborn has helped improve Cere Network’s security by running regular security audits to improve Cere’s security posture—and all code will be thoroughly audited prior to opening up repos.

  • Looking forward, there will be other regular audits on smart contracts, wallets, and other tools—all part of getting Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) fully functional on both a protocol level, user level, and network level.

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