Halborn Security Twitter AMA Recap with Cere CEO Fred Jin and Martijn Broersma

Empowering Content Creators with Cere Vision 2.0

Here’s a quick recap of our recent Twitter AMA with Cere Network CEO Fred Jin,  Martijn Broersma, CMO of Cere, and David Schwed, Chief Operating Officer at Halborn

To listen to the full AMA click here.


  • The Cere team focuses on building the essential Web3 features that can be brought to existing businesses and applications that already have large user bases. 
  • The first of which is Freeport. Freeport is a tool that allows content sharing and data re-encryption based on the transferring of NFT’s. It allows content creators to mint, issue and serve their own IP and gated services to end users without any middleman. 
  • The whole idea is that the moment you buy an NFT, it can be used to access gated content or services that only you could access through your wallet. 
  • This has the potential to become the next generation of Digital Rights Management (DRM), facilitating a direct relationship between artists and consumers. 
  • Cere Wallet, which is another essential building block, can be white-labelled for any application. 
  • DaVinci, which includes the Freeport tool, is being employed by third-party platforms already to empower them with the tools they need to go direct to their users and untether from app stores and centralized cloud servers. DaVinci is a case study on how Freeport and other Cere tools can be used by media companies, artists, and others to unlock the power of Web3 and decentralization. 
  • Cere’s SDKs and connected tools provide modular services that help existing businesses adopt and understand Web3 and integrate it with their existing systems. 
  • These tools have already been integrated with one of the first use cases, LiveOne, a publicly traded international digital media company offering music and live entertainment streaming (and the default streaming service on Tesla cars in the US). Through Cere’s end-to-end NFT and DDC solution, LiveOne is now able to encrypt any exclusive artist content into NFTs which only users holding those NFTs can access. 
  • Other upcoming use cases include a video streaming service, and a whole suite of tools that can be integrated by gaming studios. 
  • What differentiates Cere is the ability to create a decentralized data cloud to serve most content use cases on the internet—not just storage (like dropbox).
  • Anyone sitting on unused bandwidth can join the network and help deliver content, thereby having the potential to disrupt the big tech monopoly.
  • Artists, creators, media companies, and game studios can unlock a huge white space between social platforms and big tech platforms. 
  • Security is always a top priority for Cere, and Cere values their ongoing partnership with Halborn to ensure the safety and security of all assets on the network. 

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