How to Bridge to Cere Mainnet and Stake

Cere Network’s decentralized data technology ensures every transaction on the blockchain, no matter the volume and frequency, is secure. Businesses, traders, and developers can participate in an evolving ecosystem supported by an efficient network.

The Cere Mainnet is a decentralized platform where the large majority of Validators and Nominators are community members. This collaboration creates a sustainable network that will always remain relevant and responsive to participants of the mainnet.


CERE token holders on Ethereum/Polygon can bridge them to Cere Mainnet using the following steps:

  1. If you want to bridge from Polygon to Cere Mainnet to save trx fees, then move your CERE tokens from Ethereum to Polygon first using the Polygon Bridge and the CERE token address (0x2dA719DB753dFA10a62E140f436E1d67F2ddB0d6).
    For better stability of your Polygon Network, copy and use this “NEW RPC URL” ( in your Metamask wallet under Network Settings;
  2. Open Cere Bridge;
  3. Open MetaMask and choose your network (Ethereum or Polygon supported)
  4. Connect your MetaMask wallet;
  5. In “Destination Network,” select “Cere Mainnet”;
  6. Enter the number of tokens you wish to send;
  7. Enter your Polkadot.js wallet address (use your stash account);
  8. Press “Start transfer”;
  9. Check pre-flight’s section 1 and 2. If everything is ok, press “Start transfer” (3);
  10. Allow in MetaMask to use CERE tokens by Bridge Smart Contract (if you see the “Transfer aborted” message at this step, please retry it with a higher gas price in MetaMask, explained further here);
  11. Confirm deposit to the Bridge Smart Contract (The “Transfer aborted” message may also occur at this step, in which case, please retry it with a higher gas price in MetaMask, explained further here);
  12. Wait until the transaction is confirmed. It can take up to few minutes;
  13. Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the CERE tokens transfer! You can check your stash account Cere Mainnet balance in Cere Explorer.
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Users can earn Staking rewards on their investment into the CERE token by participating in the network as a Nominator!