Introducing the new Head of Marketing — Martijn Broersma

Hi everyone!

I’m Martijn Broersma, the new Head of Marketing at Cere Network.

For the past 3 years, I’ve been working as the COO of Amsterdam based blockchain company LTO Network. During my tenure, I played a big role in growing LTO Network into a top 10 most used blockchains worldwide, achieving the world’s highest blockchain adoption score, setting up a fantastic partner ecosystem program, and getting LTO token listed on Binance. Through a novel integrator approach, we were able to get thousands of businesses and enterprises acquainted with low-entry blockchain adoption in their organization through a variety of software tools. Next to the high-performing business strategy, we’ve even created a fantastic online community of active evangelists through novel gamification strategies.

After achieving these goals, I’ve decided to take on a new set of challenges here at Cere Network. This venture started out as a warm introduction from my good friend and a well-known crypto community thought leader Ivan Golovko. After just a couple of talks, I was completely sold on the Cere solution and team.

This Monday I’ve started my Cere career as Head of Marketing. I’m excited to put my experience to work in helping out to launch Cere Network in the same successful ways as I did for LTO Network. I choose Cere Network for their highly experienced team and their relentless drive and passion to create something that hasn’t been done before — creating a viable and better alternative to exiting big tech CRM/SaaS solutions by building a SaaS platform on top of a decentralized data network. It’s the perfect project to put my B2B2C experience into place in getting some of the world’s largest companies to get acquainted with blockchain technology. Cere Network focuses on Forbes’ Global 2000, the world’s largest public companies, and I strongly believe Cere Network has the infrastructure and product to give these companies the real-world blockchain use cases they’ve been waiting for.

I can imagine that for some early investors the stealth mode has been a long sitting, but I can assure everyone that as Cere Network will soon unveil a suite of products and integrations, you’re going to want a front-row seat to the show.

In the coming months, I’ll be focussing on everything relating to marketing, community, business development, and especially on releasing a great number of details about Cere Network platform and its customers, with the goal of further expanding and engaging the Cere Network community and enriching our ecosystem & partner network to accelerate the Cere success story.

I’m always open to questions and suggestions on Telegram, so hit me up @broersma if you would like to help out the project or just want to have a chat about Cere!

Talk soon,