Cere Staking Dashboard Rewards History is now Available!

Cere Staking Dashboard, purple background, a computer

The Cere Staking Dashboard (staking.cere.network), a web-based interface for Cere Network staking community, was recently updated to enable users to view their reward history and validator metrics with elegant new reward history and validator charts.

The reward history feature is a significant addition to the Cere Staking Dashboard, which now provides more detailed information on users’ rewards and validator performance. With this update, users can get a better understanding of their staking rewards and make better decisions about their staking strategies.

The “reward history” feature allows users to view their reward history and validator metrics using charts. For example, the new “Recent Payouts Panel” shows a bar chart with the rewards paid out to the user within the past 15 days, either as a nominator or a pool member.

New Interface, Same Staking

Try out the new feature by visiting the Cere Staking Dashboard Quickstart Guide and stake your $CERE Token today!

Cere Network is committed to providing a user-friendly and rich staking experience for validators and delegators. We truly believe that with the addition of the reward history feature to our new Cere Staking Dashboard, users can now better track their rewards and make informed decisions about their staking strategies. Let us know if you agree!

Release Notes

For more information on the update, including details on the project and release, as well as the changelog, please visit the following links:

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