Success Case - LiveOne

Through Cere’s unique end-to-end NFT as a service solution, LiveOne is now able to productise any exclusive artist content as NFTs on-demand, easily integrate them in their e-commerce flow and make them tradable for LiveOne fans on a dedicated LiveOne NFT marketplace. Thereby LiveOne is cultivating long-term fan engagement for their platform and the artist’s they are collaborating with, making it the prime choice for releasing exclusive content.

live one screenshot
live one skeez

Success Case Deliverables

  1. Productise exclusive artist content as NFTs on demand via Freeport & store it on DDC
  2. Integrate NFTs offering in LiveOnes e-commerce flow
  3. Enable trading of NFTs through the dedicated marketplace

Success Case Impact

  • Creating additional monetization options for LiveOne platform & artists they collaborate with
  • Enabling LiveOne to be the first choice for artist to distribute content
  • NFT as a service solution can be offered to any artist & brought live within only a couple of hours
  • Fostering long term fan engagement & cultivating a collector base
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How does it tie into $CERE token?

Any interaction with exclusive artist content that is associated with an NFT and stored on DDC requires $CERE tokens, thereby driving utility for the protocol.

Are you a content publisher/producer as well?