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Create amazing experiences for your users with the most powerful and intuitive toolset in the Web3 / NFT space

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Cere wallet

Our cutting-edge wallet makes it easy to store crypto, NFTs, and experiences for end users (even those with no crypto knowledge).

The Cere wallet is a white label, non-custodial wallet that can be used by any application to provide a rich set of user experiences and features beyond the capabilities of typical native applications. Users can directly access their content perpetually secured on the Cere DDN, which can be streamed/played/viewed through the Cere wallet in any application. This allows users to take their content with them, without having their content tied to a specific device or platform.

As individual consumer data is fully encrypted and distributed across the network, data is accessible and directly controlled via the user’s wallet. Consumers can connect their wallets with any application, importing information relating to assets owned, content consumed, such as  music, videos, and books, products bought, flights/hotels/restaurants booked, membership/events attended, and many other purchases.

It also allows users of any Cere-powered application – DaVinci, LiveOne – to buy NFTs from marketplaces & experiences, and bid in auctions with crypto. Freeport, DDN, or mainnet users can seamlessly access our minter, storage and blockchain while keeping track of their activity and data in their wallet.

The wallet is built initially as a web app, but can be easily turned into a mobile app and browser extension. It provides all the basic functionality of any wallet (create & import accounts, fund accounts, view balance and NFTs, sign transactions and others), and will be extended with custom functionality for Cere’s DDN and mainnet.

Whitelabel marketplace

Stop relying on OpenSea and run your own NFT marketplace where users truly own their assets.

Our turnkey white-label NFT marketplace is a platform that artists and brands can use to engage directly with their own digital collector fan base. Fans using these white-label NFT marketplaces can discover, buy, and (re)sell NFTs in an easy and fun way. All NFTs on these platforms are generally available for purchase or auction at a set price. To get started, a collector simply signs up with a respective white-label platform and gets their own Cere wallet out of the box so that they can immediately do their first transaction.

Employing a white-label approach, Cere enables any brand or artist to easily create their own NFT marketplace – including a non-custodial wallet – to offer their content experience directly to their audience without the noise of third-party platforms and the ensuing dependency. The individual royalty settings of each white-label NFT marketplace, powered by Freeport smart contracts, provide a steady source of (perpetual) revenue to both creators and fans. 

cere marketplace

Cere video player

Let us worry about distributing/streaming your content. Our decentralized CDN lets your users stream decentralized content without buffering – no matter where you’re located.
cere video player

Showcase your content in a seamless streaming experience with our stand-alone or integrated video player. This is powered by our decentralized CDN and integrated with the Cere wallet. Simply by accessing the NFT in their Cere wallet, users can stream any associated video content to their current location from a dCDN node cluster. Based on NFT ownership, you decide on the accessibility of the exclusive video content, or you can allow public access for future customers.

The video player’s  overlay functionality can display additional information. You could, for example, guide  viewers to additional NFT offerings. Through the overlay, viewers can seamlessly conduct crypto payments for fixed price and auction NFTs. Viewers never have to leave your content domain to discover and purchase more of your exclusive content productized as NFTs. Our white-label NFT marketplace auctions and exhibits are dedicated showcases of this functionality.

cere auction


Gamify the NFT purchasing experience for your fans!

Cere’s auction module is not just another way to purchase NFTs, but a unique experience in which fans can interact with artists’ content, discover exclusive NFTs, and easily purchase or bid on NFTs.

Our auction module is different from other platforms, as we allow users to purchase NFTs directly from the Cere Video Player while watching the NFT exhibit video. The auction serves as a way to showcase creator content and NFTs with a carousel, insights on the collection, full page NFT discovery, and markers to highlight specific NFTs at  specified moments in the video.

The exhibit video can be an exclusive movie, during which users can purchase artwork or scenes from the movie as NFTs. It can also be a concert performed by artists, during which fans can bid on songs played. Or the entire concert can be an NFT, providing a direct fan-creator engagement experience.

Last but not least, our auction module provides seamlessly integrated crypto-payment methods for fixed price sales and auctions. The auction interacts with the Freeport smart contracts that ensure a safe transfer of funds with ownership rights in return. For auctions, funds will be transferred to the smart contract for safekeeping until the auction ends. If someone places a higher bid, the money is sent back to the user, who will be notified via email to give them time to set a new high bid. The winning bidder will receive the unique NFT collectible directly in their wallet.

Cere SDK

You can offer your customers exclusive content, tickets, memberships and much more as NFTs on your webshop with the Cere software development kit (SDK).
Cere’s SDK enables you to provide curated experiences with a minimum of fuss. Your customers can use their NFTs to decrypt and consume content directly on your website. Just refer to the documentation on this page to integrate your website and take your ecommerce flow to the next level.

Having NFTs integrated with our SDK on your website, you can offer your customers additional value through seamlessly leveraging the Cere white-label NFT marketplace. They will experience a far greater choice, having the ability to trade and create an extensive collector base.

Moving forward, your webshop checkout continues to take payment for the NFTs. Your API key will interact with Cere’s API to establish secure communication to process your customers’ purchases. And your customers will enjoy an enriched experience seeing your brand as the ultimate provider.

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Explore the in-production first and third-party use cases powered by the Cere Decentralized Data Cloud & Cere Toolset

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Popular US music/podcast streaming platform LiveOne integrated the Cere SDK Toolset to implement the Cere white label solutions for their 2 million users to enable amazing content experiences.
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Our open NFT Experience Platform. We focus on independent creators and brands who want to leverage Web3 technology to attract loyal fans to their NFT exclusives & amazing experiences.