Video Competition Winners

In the last few days, we received tons of videos for our video competition. Together with the team, we’ve picked the best ones!

With our listing (upcoming) (Monday 8th November!), NFT marketplace, and mainnet release coming up, the community had plenty of time to enrich the Cere community with their state-of-the-art content!

With the quality of all the videos, it was hard to pick the winners. But we had a great time picking the winners with the team and a couple of community members!

With videos, we can educate, cheer up, and do everything else that is possible to entertain our community, there we would like to thank you big time for all submissions.

All winners will be contacted via Twitter by the Cere Network account

Ready set? Results!

The Results:

We are thrilled to announce the following 4 winners:

1st Place Winner:

Reward: $600 USDT