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For the AI Era

Decentralization, transparency, and optimization are the North Star in our Roadmap, we build everything within that nature. Continuing the Bitcoin statement “your keys, your coins” we are unlocking data ownership: “your keys, your data”.

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Discover amazing things you can do with Cere as a...

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Content Producer

Take advantage of Cere’s complete pack of Web3 solutions to publish content, engage your audience and monetize beyond the limitations of platforms like YouTube and Patreon. Welcome new revenue opportunities and say goodbye to censorship.

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Game Developer

Instantly bring the power of web3 into your existing games via Cere DaaS. Acquire new users via play-to-earn. Immediately enable the player NFT asset ownership via custodial or non-custodial solutions. Unlock additional revenue specific to game experiences and items.


Consumer Brand

Transform your product and content with NFTs and boost customer engagement with Cere DaaS. Integrate them into smooth eCommerce flows, and allow your clients to trade NFTs within your own dedicated NFT marketplace, all within one platform and SDK.

The AI Revolution Is Unleashing a Data Tsunami.

Cere DDC is a leap forward in data architecture, seamlessly distributing the weight of data loads. DDC Clusters are dynamic hubs of automation with seamless AI inference at the edge. The traditional constraints of centralized data processing are sidestepped as DDC ushers in an era where the intelligence of AI unfolds on the very periphery of data creation—effortlessly, nimbly, and in real-time.

Cere DDC Protocol

The world’s first protocol to enable serverless and trustless applications at scale.

The Cere Protocol is a fully decentralized data infrastructure enabled by tools necessary to serve all data needs of content creators, game developers, brands, and dApps.

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Explore the Cere Mainnet network in real-time. Stake $CERE tokens and participate in Governance.

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View important statistics about the Cere Network. Review and export your account history.

cere bridge

Cere Bridge

Move Cere tokens with ease between Ethereum / Polygon and Cere Blockchain.

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Dive into the latest Governance Updates and learn how the Cere DAO thrives as a community-led organization.

Learn more about the Cere protocol and Contribute to earn $CERE

Join the Cere Extended Developer Program (EDP) to join our journey towards decentralizing all the data.
EDP participants earn $CERE tokens by contributing to the Cere protocol, and by picking up bounties and grants.

$CERE: The Decentralized
Data Token

The Cere token ($CERE) is native to the Cere Network and is used for everything from staking, governance, transactions, smart contracts, and validator rewards.


Plug and play the tools you need to offer unique experiences

The Cere Toolset enables mass adoption of decentralized data. Implement the Cere Experience SDK into your app with a couple of lines of code, and start selling NFT-based products and experiences through the Cere Tools and Services instantly.
Explore the Cere Toolset below, and contact the Cere team at any time for a brainstorm session on your use case.
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Easily launch new NFT-backed dApps with Cere Freeport.

A prepackaged set of open-source smart contracts and services that help you mint and list NFTs in fixed price sales or auctions, manage NFT royalties, and store NFT assets securely and encrypted, ready to serve directly in your dApp via the Cere dCDN. Ideal for NFT marketplaces and gaming solutions.
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Cere Community Portal

Embark on a journey through our vision, delve into our cutting-edge technologies, and stay updated on our latest developments.

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Cere Success Use Cases

liveone lxl logo splash
Popular US music/podcast streaming platform LiveOne integrated the Cere SDK Toolset to implement the Cere white label solutions for their 2 million users to enable amazing content experiences.
davinci logo splash
Our open NFT Experience Platform. We focus on independent creators and brands who want to leverage Web3 technology to attract loyal fans to their NFT exclusives & amazing experiences.

What's New at Cere?

The volume of data being collected and harnessed for AI applications is experiencing unprecedented growth. The surge in data, driven by the booming AI sector, is not just a gradual increase but a seismic shift reshaping industries and societies. Amid this data explosion, a trilemma emerges.The staggering amount of data being collected for AI applications
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Subsquid Indexing is now available for Cere Network, a nominated Substrate based Proof of Stake L1 blockchain backing the world’s first Decentralized Data Cloud offering cloud storage at blazing speeds. 👉 Live at Subsquid gives you an indexing toolkit that streamlines extract-transform-load (ETL) processes, along with the ability to create custom indexers to easily gather on-chain data
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Highlights: New $CERE Staking Dashboard, Cere Governance Updates, Blockchain Upgrades and more!Welcome to our latest community update, where we share exciting news and developments happening within Cere Network! In this video, we interview members of the Cere Product and Engineering teams to share new releases and provide the latest development updates. Watch the video now!$CERE
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