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Monetize and distribute content directly to your fans with Cere’s easy-to-use tools

content producer
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Increase revenue from your content

Reduced time-to-market

Monetize your content faster and reach your fans while reaching your monetization goals.

Cere offers a tailored onboarding experience for content creators or events to develop campaigns from start to finish.

A new content channel and revenue stream

You bring the content, we build the campaign and your custom branded marketplace. At Cere we don’t just offer a new revenue channel through direct content interaction, our technology also creates an engagement funnel for any type of event or content. Our model is based on a fair revenue sharing percentage of NFT sales.

Empowering digital creators to enter the Web3 era

We have a complete set of Web3-ready media platform tools and services to provide your users with rich experiences. Offer loyal fans exclusive access to content with an unprecedented level of engagement. Cere closes the gap between artist and global fan bases, enabling any artist to set a growth achievement goal and leverage our tools to meet it. 

Cere Freeport is an intuitive solution to setup curated content campaigns and allow fans to directly interact with any content. Transform your content into monetizable NFTs that can be streamed directly to users’ wallets.

Drive multi-tier loyalty programs by combining digital collectibles with personalized content to engage fans without intermediaries on your own marketplace. Allow your users to buy, sell and trade their content NFTs while you collect royalties on every trade. 

Enrich fan interactions through tie-ins to live events, personalized videos, and real-life experiences.

Our online wallet allows users to access content on the Cere Decentralized Data Cloud, enabling them to truly own their content and data without it being tied to a specific device, platform, or company. Users can also receive additional offerings based on their interactions and asset ownership profile, giving content creators a new avenue of ongoing fan connection.
Videos can be directly streamed to fans, free from the censorship of the current Web2 giants like Amazon, Google, and Apple. Access can be granted via subscription, one-time payments, or pay-per-view models.

Get inspired by Cere creator success use cases

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Popular US music/podcast streaming platform LiveOne integrated the Cere SDK Toolset to implement the Cere white label solutions for their 2 million users to enable amazing content experiences.
davinci logo splash
Our open NFT Experience Platform. We focus on independent creators and brands who want to leverage Web3 technology to attract loyal fans to their NFT exclusives & amazing experiences.

Monetize your content

  • Easily turn your content into NFTs and distribute it in your own whitelabel marketplace.
  • Provide fans with early-access content they can unlock by purchasing a unique NFT.
  • Serve monetized NFT-accessed content to your customers without worrying about infrastructure and uptime.
  • Spend less time onboarding your users. Use Cere’s tools and services to allow users to purchase and consume content easily.
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How we help different content publishers

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Production companies

Directly distribute your content

Use Cere’s Video Player to directly stream video content to your audience and skip the distributors. Our NFT online ticketing experience allows you to sell tickets to your online movie premieres as NFTs and reach your audience via social media. You own your content, so the movies you stream can be screened on other platforms.

Finance the production of your films

Allow fans to collect and flip content as NFTs. Use derivative content as NFTs: behind the scenes video clips, character artwork, movie posters, deleted scenes, or original soundtracks—the possibilities are endless. Cere’s Video Player also allows users to purchase or bid on NFTs showed during a film—while it’s streaming.

Music labels and platforms

Release artists’ albums as NFTs

Limited copies of albums can drive their values up, allowing artists to collect perpetual revenues through royalties earned during every resale.

Release alternative versions of songs as NFTs

Extended versions, deluxe album editions, acoustic versions…

Create virtual merch as NFTs

Limited album covers, never-seen-before photos of the artists, etc. Limited only by your imagination.

Provide fans with new engagement opportunities

Allow fans to watch online concerts from their favorite artists and collect NFTs that can unlock real-life experiences, such as backstage access to concerts and meet and greets.
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Media publishers

Use NFTs for subscriptions to enrich the reader experience

Instead of using a traditional online subscription service, provide value to your audience by minting NFTs that allow users to unlock your exclusive online content, whether it’s digital magazines, exclusive images, premium content, early releases of podcasts, or any other content. Offer an extra layer to your audience’s subscription experience by allowing them to hold limited edition NFTs that can increase in value, or that they can trade on marketplaces.

Release full magazine issues as NFTs

Why not increase your magazine’s value for readers by issuing it as collectible NFTs? You’ll still own the IP.

Monetize and distribute your content with Cere and integrate the power of Web3 today

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