Web3 Gaming Made Easy

Unlock NFT rewards and supercharge your games with Cere.
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Cere unlocks the full potential of decentralized gaming

  • Seamless Web3 onboarding for Web2 games
  • Create in-game assets through Cere Freeport creator suite
  • Use the Cere Tools for immersive player experiences
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Decentralized user data and assets

Delight your players and increase the value of your in-game assets. By storing NFT-backed assets on the DDC, Cere uniquely enables real NFT-asset ownership and cross game/chain asset interoperability.

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White label tools & marketplaces

Instantly boost monetization & user engagement using the Cere toolset and marketplace. Bypass OpenSea’s clutter, while enforcing NFT royalties through Cere’s royalty protection Smart Contracts.

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Decentralized game hosting

Easily deploy your game pack on the Cere Decentralized Data Cloud and eliminate the need for infrastructure maintenance, while freeing your game from app store restrictions, censorship and payment fees.

Cere powers the next generation of Web3 games

1. No-install browser games can be launched from anywhere

No-install browser game plays massively decrease player drop off, reducing the costs typically associated with high user acquisition cost for both Web2 and Web3 games.

Games can be launched from anywhere to bring a set of rich and seamless (mobile browser optimized) game experiences to their users – all while circumventing app store download/installs, Google/Apple payments, and other typical user experience hurdles.
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2. Unlock the power of data through Cere’s DDC

Player interactions are managed by the white label Cere NFT & Data wallet. The wallet can directly communicate with game packs to handle the end-to-end flows of signup / authentication / payment / custody of assets, delivering the game content directly from the DDC protocol.

Tracking of achievements, progress, and digital content acquired all tied to the user wallet directly. Top players get NFTs distributed to their wallet after cut-off time through the automatically compiled and triggered Cere distribution smart contract.
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3. A new realm of asset ownership and interoperability

Instantly add value to your in-game assets by enabling players to sell their (earned) NFTs on the Cere whitelabel marketplace with multi currency support.

With the in-game NFT-backed assets stored on the Cere Decentralized Data Cloud, a new realm of asset ownership and interoperability opens up, allowing NFT-backed assets to be used cross-game for the first time in gaming history.
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Decentralized game hosting for rapid,
secure content delivery to your users.
Create interoperable in-game assets and marketplace trading. Allow users to play your game, store their high scores in their wallets and distribute NFT prizes to the winners on the leaderboard.

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