CERE Event Recaps (HIMSS, Provada & Brainport)

Winter has come, and it’s not our first! We are now finalizing the Mainnet full release, DDC v2, the relaunch of Davinci, and delivering our core products to Web3 partners in self-serve capabilities. Before getting too cozy in this bear market, we think it is the best time to gain real engagement from various web2 industries & BUIDL BUIDL BUIDL. Our CEO Fred Jin has been focusing on web2 industries while attending HIMSS Helsinki, Provada Amsterdam, and Brainport additive manufacturing. The exposure of web3 to web2 is what we think is the KEY to driving this adoption - building solutions envisi...

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Cere Launches Public Decentralized Data Cloud Portal

After 3 years of development, the Cere Network team is proud to announce the public DDC testnet launch of its key innovation piece; the Decentralized Data Cloud!What is Cere DDC?Cere Decentralized Data Cloud is the world’s first blockchain-based storage solution that is optimized to capture interactions between users, (NFT) assets, and applications that are individually signed and encrypted, along with potential value transfers, to be stored in a tamper-proof and time-capsuled data scheme.“Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud takes models like Snowflake’s and makes it much easier for dApps to integ...


Cere Network to integrate DDC into product suite of QORPO

Cere Network is happy to announce its partnership with QORPO, a blockchain and NFT gaming ecosystem powered by the $IOI token and NFTs. QORPO’s NFT marketplace facilitates NFT trading by offering lower fees, graphically intense NFTs, and a game-based trading environment.QORPO’s applications are built on Polygon, a highly interconnected Ethereum sidechain interoperable with Cere Network. Its two most important components are Trade Race Manager and CyberTrade.Trade Race Manager (TRM) is an interactive social crypto-trading platform that employs gamification to help traders learn and enjoy crypto...


Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud to be used by Credefi in collaboration with Big Three global credit reporting agency

In our quest for mainstream adoption, we are always looking for the next project to partner with to deliver on our vision of creating an interoperable world in which people and companies have full control over their own data.Today we are happy to announce that we will be helping Credefi, a pioneering hybrid of DeFi and Fintech protocol connecting crypto lenders with small and medium business borrowers from the real economy, to work with our Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) to:Ensure maximum security and decentralization of sensitive user data.Develop the Credefi Network to further enhance the pr...

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Cloud computing enters the age of blockchain and decentralization with the launch of Cere Network’s Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC)

At this point, there is no industry that has been left untouched by the cloud.The cloud computing market size in 2020 was worth a staggering $274 billion, which is just the tip of the iceberg, as some studies expect a compound annual growth rate of over 19% through 2028.Snowflake, a cloud data warehousing firm, had the biggest software IPO EVER in 2020. After pricing their initial public offering (IPO) at $120 a share, the stock price more than doubled on its first day of trading. Today (as of this writing), just a little over one year after their IPO, Snowflake stock is trading at $366.It was...

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Cere Network’s Road Ahead: Ecosystem Expansion

For Cere, 2021 was a momentous year by any measure. The Network achieved several milestones within the past year — as we met our funding goals led by Republic, took strategic funding from Polygon, launched the $Cere token, and began moving into the consumer space. Cere also received a Web3 Foundation grant to further develop a turn-key private/permissioned blockchain network for enterprise use.Last month, Cere successfully listed its Cere token on Huobi, Kucoin, FMFW (formerly bitcoin.com), and several smaller exchanges. NFT development is proceeding apace as well (see the Cere Freeport GitHub...

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Cere Partnerships Overview

Learn more about who Cere Network partnered up with since its inception in 2019!Cere Network continues to form critical partnerships with a variety of blockchain outfits, both large and small. While these outfits occasionally fill a specialized need, they’re often undoubtedly strategic in nature as well. To be sure, each blockchain outfit strengthens Cere Network and its ability to differentiate itself from its competitors. When considered together, it’s easy to see how they will fortify Cere’s ability to lead the industry with their Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC).In the overview below, we gat...

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Cere Team AMA Recap + listing update

Cere co-founders Fred Jin and Kenzi Wang, together with CMO Martijn Broersma held their first community video AMA on October 26th. Whereas there can be improvements over the delivery/quality of the video stream, we’re very happy with the response of the community on the format, which means that we’ll have these AMA’s with the Cere management and technical teams more regularly!For this AMA, there was really one question on everyone’s mind... When listing?But there’s (much) more to this AMA! Fred, Kenzi, and Martijn have been throwing around sneak peeks, Github repos, and job solicitations. Wait...


Cere x Convergence Partnership

Today, we are happy to announce our partnership with Convergence to further bridge cryptocurrency with real-world asset investments.Convergence Finance uses fractionalization to make real-world assets interchangeable within the DeFi space. Simply put, the company enables the owners of unconventional private assets to connect with DeFi liquidity using an easy-to-use interface (that can integrate with other DeFi protocols).The PartnershipBlockchain technology’s attempt to become fully decentralized often hinders greater enterprise adoption. The technology’s inability to scale impedes greater ent...

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Turing Research AMA Recap with Cere CMO Martijn Broersma

After a successful first edition of our AMA with the Turing Research community, our CMO, Martijn, was invited for another AMA. Just like last time, he delivered some interesting insights on our upcoming products and answered some great questions from the community! Below you can find a recap of the AMA:H: Firstly, long time no speak Martijn! It’s a pleasure to host you again in our community.M: Always good to be hereH: So much has changed since our last AMA. We have the mainnet and the TGE just around the corner now! We have a line-up of some interesting questions today. So let’s start this AM...


Cere Network partners with Lithium Finance

Today, we announce our partnership with Lithium Finance! Lithium is the first collective-intelligence pricing oracle to give precise and timely pricing on private, illiquid assets. It rewards analysts who provide truthful information and punish those who offer false pricing data. Lithium will leverage Cere’s decentralized data cloud (DDC) technology to strengthen data privacy protection and safeguard Wisdom Nodes’ pricing data. Privacy of data is part of the key design for Lithium as Wisdom Nodes answer price-sensitive questions from Wisdom Seekers through the protocol.Our partnership with Lit...

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Cere Network Awarded Web3 Grant To Develop Turn-Key Private Blockchain Network

Cere Network has been awarded a Web3 Foundation grant, an award typically awarded to entities performing research and development in the field of decentralized software protocols. The grant allows Cere to further develop a turn-key Private/Permissioned/Standalone blockchain network that can be readily integrated by any enterprise. You can check out the documentation here.The Web3 Foundation awarded Cere the grant based on its initiative to make Substrate-based private or permissioned networks easier to use. The Foundation underscored this decision by noting that Cere had also established a new...


Cere Network Meme Contest! — September 2021

Time flies when you are having fun, but not if you’re waiting for Cere to be finally listed!In order to keep the community entertained and give the opportunity to win some cool prizes, the team decided to host a meme competition for the community!Some of you might remember the first meme competition that we held at the start of February of this year. With the success and fun, we had with that competition we thought this was a great moment to host another competition!With our upcoming listing, NFT platform release, and mainnet rollout coming up, there will be many topics that you can make a mem...


The Race to Integrate (All) Enterprise Data Heats Up

Blockchain technology is set to quietly transform this marketDespite enormous advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, practical applications of both have been stymied in the private sector. The culprit is hardly exotic, merely the low-tech stumbling block of unstructured data. And yet, more than 85 percent of all business information exists as unstructured data. This data is ubiquitous, often found in the form of emails, memos, chats, reports, research, video files, and web pages. Even call center notes (which frequently reveal unmet customer needs).Companies that easily acce...

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The Strategic Investment Will Speed Up Integration Into Polygon’s Protocol, While Cere Network Also Closes An Additional $31 Million Token Offering Led By RepublicSeptember 9, 2021, San Francisco, CA — Cere Network (Cere), the first Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) platform, today announced the completion of its $28 million Cere token ($CERE) offering and a $3 million investment from Polygon. The investment from Polygon will allow integration of the Cere DDC into Polygon’s protocol and framework at the same time as Cere’s Polkadot integration. The $31 million $CERE token sale was led by Republic...

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Project Update Cere Network

After a summer full of building, testing, and optimizing, we are ready for the next big phase for the Cere project! In this update, we will update you about the technology, the engineering process, the external developer program, a sneak peek into our NFT platform and the listing date!With our mainnet launch scheduled for release in the coming weeks, we are grateful for the outpouring of support from our supporters and business partners. Our headcount at Cere has grown to over 60 employees worldwide to meet the demand for our Decentralized Data Cloud upon launch, which takes data ecosystems to...

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External Developer Program Update

As we are getting closer to the release of our mainnet, the opening up of our GitHub repo’s and the announcements of the products that we’ve been building, we want to highlight a very important aspect of the company’s success; our ongoing external developer program.About the programAt the start of this year, we began the external developer program (EDP) with a selection of evangelists and close relations to securely scale and improve the testnet before releasing it to our wider community. In June we opened up the program, and the responses were overwhelming: within a week we received over 3000...


Cere Network announces partnership with Demodyfi

At Cere, we are working on improving our enterprise SaaS platform and Cere Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) ecosystem, in order to allow big brands and enterprises to start establishing their own data ecosystems and first-party data strategies.Today, we are delighted to announce our new partnership with Demodyfi!The PartnershipDemodyfi composes functionality from Polkadot parachains using Moonbeam as a lightweight integration layer that aggregates network services before presenting them to the end-user. Users will be able to trade multiple crypto assets from Demodyfi’s native decentralized excha...

Project Updates

Whitelist lottery for the second round on Polkastarter is now live

TL;DRThe whitelist for the second round of our offering on Polkastater will start on Wednesday, 18th of August at 1200 UTC.We will close the whitelist on Thursday, 26th August at 1200 UTC.The winners will be announced on Saturday, 28th of August at 1200 UTC.Link can be found hereThe long-awaited moment for the community is finally here: the second round of the Polkastarter whitelist!In the last couple of months, the team has been making great progress with the mainnet, client integrations, and tons of other cool stuff that we will be announced in a short time frame. We are excited to move towa...

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Building Distributed Systems with Blockchain Technology

In our new Tech Series, we will be giving some insight into the technology that is backing Cere and its product suite. Today we kick off with an article from our Lead Architect, Aurel, about building distributed systems. Get ready for a lot of content that will be released in the upcoming months!At Cere, we are building the next generation of enterprise-focused, decentralized, SAAS platforms: The Cere Decentralized Data Cloud, or Cere DDC.A critical component of Cere DDC is its trustless persistent storage layer, which is a distributed system consisting of many independent nodes, providing sca...

Project Updates

Token Distribution Update

Dear Cere community,It’s been a few weeks since the closing of the Cere Network offering and we’re eager to share our progress with you. While the token contract has successfully been finalized, audited, and is ready for distribution, we are currently finalizing our next steps with a variety of partners that will be pivotal to the success of our network. For this reason, we ask that you continue to wait patiently as we get everything in order, and we will clearly and loudly announce the distribution with enough advance notice for everyone to take Why the delay?While it is true that the Cere Ne...

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Decentralized Data Governance for Enterprises

Introduction“Big Tech” — the technology giants and market leaders led by Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook — have entrenched themselves as the sole proprietors of your data. These five companies alone have hauled in a staggering USD 900 billion of revenue in 2019.If we add to this the revenue of other dominant technology companies competing in this space, such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Adobe, and others, we are easily looking at a total annual revenue of well over USD 1 trillion, comparable to the annual GDP of countries such as Indonesia, Mexico, or Spain.The usage and protect...

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Cere Network's crucial head start on complying with data protection regulations

IntroductionThe usage and protection of personal data and privacy have come into the focus as increasingly sophisticated. Users demand transparency on how their personal data is being used and safeguarded by institutions and businesses alike.This heightened regulatory scrutiny of personal data usage is a macro trend that will persist in the foreseeable future, and it’s one that enterprises should take heed.Cere Network, as an enterprise-focused, decentralized, interoperable blockchain network, is uniquely positioned to play a crucial role within the data protection and regulatory framework spa...

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Cere sold out in 1 hour on Republic for the first token offering of 2021

Last Friday we got featured on Cointelegraph, down below you can read the full article: April 20, 2021, San Francisco, CA — Cere Network, the first decentralized data cloud platform, today announces that Cere tokens sold out within an hour in the project’s token offering on the Republic platform. Due to significant demand, the Cere Network is launching its public sale through three platforms in an industry-first. Following the sale hosted by Republic, Cere will be made available through Polkastarter and DAO Maker. Cere Network is backed by Binance Labs, Fenbushi Capital, Arrington XRP Capital,...

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Cere announces partnership with Apron Network

After a hectic couple of weeks finalizing our token offerings, we can’t wait to continue improving the Cere Network ecosystem. Today we are delighted to share the great news that we partnered up with Apron to improve decentralized customer data integrations.About the partnershipCere and Apron partnered up to create a decentralized mode of sharing data hence Apron will be providing Cere with a full set of Remote Procedure Call or RPC services. Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a protocol that one program can use to request a service from a program located in another computer in a network without h...


Token Offering Update

Dear community,THE CERE TOKEN OFFERING WILL START AT 10 AM EDT🤝 To protect our community from scammers and users with bad intent we will mute the chat for as long as the Cere team deems necessary.‼️The page on Republic will be live at 10 AM EDT. The link will be shared on all our social platforms and the website. There are currently no other sales going on, just the sale on Republic. Please think twice before sending your funds to someone and stay safe.⚠️ No admin will ever DM you and promote a ‘flash sale’, give you a whitelist spot, or ask for your funds. Please be careful.➡️ Want to learn m...

Project Updates

Cere Network lowers the maximum contribution for the Token Offering on Republic

Dear community, In the last couple of days, we have received multiple requests from our community members to lower the maximum contribution for our token offering on Republic. Due to an immense amount of interest, we decided to stimulate decentralization of the network by lowering the maximum cap per token purchaser to $25,000 for the first 3 hours of the token offering. The maximum investment amount for any investor is $25,000. After the first three hours, the maximum cap will increase to $250,000. (Please note that the max amount for option B is still $10,000) Investments cannot be increased...

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Litepaper Release Cere Network

Cere Network is delighted to announce that we have released our Litepaper! Cere compiled this 20-page document to broaden the knowledge of our investors and community members.The path to the first billion blockchain users is through fast-tracked enterprise adoption by businesses and their customer base, across the full spectrum of technology and industry.What are the highlights in this Litepaper?Overview on why Cere was builtThe current state of the market and the need for data interoperabilityThe fundamentals on which Cere is builtDeep dive on the Decentralized Data Cloud, including its use-c...

Project Updates

New date for the Token Offering on Republic

📌 April 13th, 10 AM EDT (UTC-4)The CERE token offering will officially take place Tuesday, April 13th, at 10am EDT. The process remains the same, and we encourage you to get your KYC docs and necessary accreditation (if you are a US citizen) into Republic as soon as possible.The Cere Team thanks the community for their flexibility and we hope to see you next Tuesday!💥 Set a reminder for the sale here: http://bit.ly/Token-Offering-Republic❓ Want to learn more about Cere Network? Check out our Litepaper: https://bit.ly/CereLitepaperRT: https://twitter.com/cerenetwork/status/1380199648376274949

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A Cross-platform Cere Token Sale with Polkastarter — Whitelist open now until April 8th!

Cere Network is leading enterprise adoption via the Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) platform for enterprises. Powered by the CERE token, Cere Network is embarking on an industry-first token sale by launching its token generation across three unique platforms.Together with our friends from Polkastarter, we’re excited to participate in their novel token distribution platform by hosting the final CERE IDO on their platform, next to earlier rounds at Republic and DAOmaker (Starting April 15th).Today, we’re opening up the whitelist lottery form until April 8th at 10 AM EDT that will allow 1000 Polka...

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Investing in Cere on Republic, a comprehensive guide

Dear community members,We noticed that a lot of people are having questions about the process of investing in Republic. Therefore, we are sending you this mail to ensure that everyone is well informed before the offering starts on Thursday, April 13th, 10 AM EDT(UTC -4) on the Republic investment platform.Answers on frequently asked questions about the offering on Republic:1. Everyone that completed the KYC on Republic (Login and follow this link to KYC), will be eligible to join the sale on the 8th of April on the Republic platform. The sale will take place in a first-come, first-serve manner...

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CERE to launch through Republic, DAO Maker, and Polkastarter after 80x oversubscribed private sale

Cere Network, the first Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) platform, today announces the public offering on Republic (April 8th), DAO Maker (April 15th), and Polkastarter (April 19th). In order to satisfy the demand for the first public offering of the $CERE token, Cere is offering access to the sale across three platforms, this multi-platform approach is a first-of-its-kind in order to satisfy the demand for the $CERE token, which will be the token’s first public offering, after its own Republic Note token sale.Cere has previously raised $10 million from a collection of high-profile VCs and, incl...


Bluzelle to partner with Cere Network on providing decentralized databases to Cere’s Enterprise Ecosystem

Cere Network, The Decentralized Data and Finance Cloud, is focusing on delivering the best experience for enterprise customer data integrations and collaborations over the blockchain. Today, we’re excited to announce that Bluzelle is partnering with Cere Network by joining forces to further optimize Cere’s Enterprise Application Ecosystem.Bluzelle’s technology is based on advanced blockchain technology, distributing data across the network to eliminate cyber attacks, guarantee privacy, and scale on demand. Bluzelle combines blockchain swarms to create a decentralized network of on-demand datab...


Cere Network X Turing Research AMA Recap

Tonight our CMO, Martijn Broersma, gave one of the most extensive AMA’s yet. Dive into all the great questions and answers that were fired away in the Turing Research community chat! Enjoy!Host: Martijn, to start it off I think many people here already know who you are but could you tell me a bit more about yourself and what you’ve been doing at Cere Network?Martijn Broersma: I’m Martijn, CMO @ Cere. Before joining Cere, I was COO of LTO Network. During my time at LTO, I played a big role in growing LTO Network into a top 10 most used blockchains worldwide, achieving the world’s highest blockc...


DAO Maker announces Cere Network as the first project on the new multi-investment platform

We are beyond excited to announce that Cere Network will be the first project ever on DAO Maker’s new multi investment program, DAO Pad. Alongside the sale on the Republic platform, the DAO sale will be executed as a Strong Holder Offering (SHO).After months of development, DAO Maker is finally ready to reward their most loyal and engaged community members to participate in a variety of public, private, and seed rounds of funding. With the launch planned for next week, DAO Maker’s vision, of making sure that investment instruments are available for the masses, is becoming a reality!“We chose C...

Project Updates

The Public Sale, The Platform & The Whitelist

Dear Cere Community,Today, we proudly announce another important milestone towards the much-anticipated Cere Network public sale!In this blog, we’ll officially announce the Cere public sale, answer the most asked questions about the Republic platform and inform the community on the next phases of the whitelisting process.The Cere Public SaleWe know that many of you have been waiting patiently for this public sale, given the often asked question “Why don’t you just hurry up and raise in this bull market?!”We briefly touched on this recurring question in our Telegram community a couple of days a...


Litentry to Partner with Cere Network on Aggregated Identity Services

Cere Network, the Decentralized Data and Finance Cloud platform, is focusing on the best experience of enterprise customer data integration and collaboration over the blockchain. Today, we’re excited to announce that Litentry is partnering with Cere to join forces on optimizing Cere’s enterprise customer identity service.Via the partnership, Litentry will provide aggregated identity data services to Cere, integrating Litentry’s identity data scheme into its Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) Platform. This increases Cere’s data agility in enterprise customer identification by enabling users to inq...

Project Updates

Cere Network Sticker Competition Results!

Two weeks ago we issued an exciting sticker competition for all creatives in our community.The sticker competition has now been concluded! With over 30 different submissions, visualizing the Cere Network, we have settled on our winners. Due to the high-quality of all submissions it was hard  to take the plunge, so let's see what the jury has to say!Stickers are fun and bring engagement in our community, it is visual must for any blockchain project. Therefore we couldn't wait to challenge you. We want to thank all community members who participated and took time for a sticker design.Community m...


Reef Finance partners with Cere Network

Reef Finance, the leading DeFi project on Polkadot recently announced its intention to work with Cere Network, a decentralized data cloud and SaaS-DeFi company bridging enterprise capital and DeFi liquidity.Given both project’s Polkadot-focus, interoperability between the projects will be seamless. Where Reef will build customer journey applications for its DeFi products using the Cere Decentralized Data Cloud, Cere will bring further liquidity and better user experience for Reef platform users via its SaaS-DeFi tooling for enterprises.As part of this partnership, Reef will also join the SaaS-...

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Darwinia x Cere: AMA Recap

The Cere Network Community (on Telegram) had the honor to host an exciting AMA with Bree Yin, CMO of Darwinia Network. This AMA is the follow-up of the recently announced collaboration between Cere Network and Darwinia Network.The Cere Team started the AMA with in-depth questions followed-up by an open question moment in which community members of the Cere Network had the opportunity to raise their hands.The questions ranged from Darwinia’s current and future business intentions, roadmaps, partners, and an update about their latest sophisticated technical developments.For all stakeholder’s con...


Cere Network announces partnership with Ankr

Today, Cere is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Ankr, who’s goal is to simplify blockchain node hosting. Via this technical partnership, Cere is taking a big step towards decentralization of the network, utilizing Ankr’s easy node deploy services. Vice versa, Ankr is joining the SaaS-DeFi alliance, initiated by Cere Network to improve the DeFi landscape and to make it suitable for enterprises.Truly decentralizing the network for CereIn a perfect world, token holders and clients of any blockchain project are able to run as many nodes as they want of their favorite blockchain...


Cere Network Sticker Competition

Reaching out to all artists… we have an exciting competition for you!We need the community to get creative because we are excited to announce our first sticker competition! If you are an artist, or one of your friends is — use or send the link to this post!The competition will run until Monday 25th January 18:00 UTCThe Rewards:What’s a competition without rewards? These rewards are tailored to any aspiring artist so that he/she can get more recognition for their art work and also see the work actively being used in our telegram group.1st place: 200 USD, 2nd place 100 USD, 3rd place 50USDArtist...


Closing the Cere Private Sale and opening up the Cere Public Sale Whitelist

Cere Network, the world’s first Decentralized Data and Finance Cloud platform built on Polkadot, has successfully finalized its private sale round. Today, we’re entering a new, exciting phase for the majority of the Cere community; the start of the Cere public sale process! Keep reading to learn more about whitelisting for the Cere public sale, and how you can even still qualify to invest in Cere at a special private sale price.But first a quick recap:We’re extremely grateful for all the inquiries and support of our fantastic community, with over $80M in requested allocation by over 6000 poten...


Plasm Network to partner with Cere, joining SaaS-DeFi Alliance

Today, Cere is excited to announce a new partnership with Plasm Network, the Layer-2 scaling and smart contract platform on Polkadot.Plasm and Cere are teaming up to bring enterprise-level efficiency and scalability to blockchain solutions within the Substrate/Polkadot ecosystem.Cere’s ecosystem gives enterprises a next-generation decentralized data cloud platform and B2B2C marketplace that cuts out the Big Tech data and marketing-tech middlemen.Cere allows businesses, developers, and data scientists to directly form partnerships and exchange services on Cere marketplaces, collaborating on con...

Project Updates

Ethical, efficient, and interoperable data for enterprises — The Cere Vision Paper

In an ever-changing world concerning customer data management and monetization, a revolution is just around the corner: decentralized, peer-to-peer, and ethical customer data ecosystems.Cere Network is the first Decentralized Data Cloud platform optimized for service data integration and data collaboration. The goal? To manage customer data in a more ethical, efficient, and interoperable way.Which problems are currently facing the CRM world?While the world is being flooded with data, the Big Tech companies continue their fight on who owns what. The Big Five (Amazon, Apple, Alphabet (Google), F...

Team Updates

Introducing the new Head of Marketing — Martijn Broersma

Hi everyone!I’m Martijn Broersma, the new Head of Marketing at Cere Network.For the past 3 years, I’ve been working as the COO of Amsterdam based blockchain company LTO Network. During my tenure, I played a big role in growing LTO Network into a top 10 most used blockchains worldwide, achieving the world’s highest blockchain adoption score, setting up a fantastic partner ecosystem program, and getting LTO token listed on Binance. Through a novel integrator approach, we were able to get thousands of businesses and enterprises acquainted with low-entry blockchain adoption in their organization t...


Cere is Here — the Future of Customer Data

Why pay ransom to big tech data brokers, when you can fully own your customer data? Those days are over, and Cere has the solution.The stark reality of the business landscape today is that the best performing technology companies have cornered the market and are getting away with exorbitant fees by having a firm grasp on customer data.The Jaws of Big Tech“Big Tech” or the giant technology companies today, such as the quintet known as FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google), have entrenched themselves as the middlemen for access and exchange of third-party customer data. These five...

Project Updates

Cere Network Q2 AMA Recap and Transcript with CEO Fred Jin

May 29th 2020, our CEO Fred Jin held an hour long AMA session with the brilliant Cere Network community on Telegram. Thanks to all of you who submitted your questions! It was amazing to see all the submissions rolling in and to get in touch with such a sharp and engaged community.We hope that you found the AMA to be exciting and informative, as Fred was able to address many of your questions. We tried to squeeze in as many questions as we could during the hour that we had, so please be patient if we didn’t get to your questions. We were happy to have given you a glimpse into many of the exciti...

Team Updates

A note from Cere CEO - Fred Jin

Fred Jin sharing his thoughts on the vision to build up Cere Network to be the first decentralized CRM blockchain ecosystem.Dear Community 👋Hope everyone is doing well during this unprecedented time. Just like many others, our whole team is working remotely until everything clears up. We’ve always been remote-focused, so everything is humming along like a well-oiled machine. We hope you’re staying safe and healthy as well.We’ve been heads down and working relentlessly towards our goal of delivering real solutions to clients and partners while increasing the capabilities and the robustness of o...


Cere Network + Elrond: Better Data Management, Lower Prices, and Actionable Data for Enterprise Customers

Cere Network, the first blockchain CRM platform is teaming up with Elrond, an innovative scaling solution, to give Cere’s enterprise customers improved turn-key microservices that are focused on turning data into actionable initiatives.Businesses know that the often-used phrase, “You reap what you sow” echoes true in how data quality affects business decisions and in turn, profitability. Businesses are facing the challenge of “Big Data” being co-opted by “Bad Data”, resulting in top-level executives distrusting in their own data.Cere Network has been providing its network of customers a new CR...


Cere Network Teams Up With Matic Network Community to Offer Private Token Sale

To help inaugurate our partnership with Matic, we gratefully offered members of the Matic community an exclusive chance to obtain CERE tokens first, in advance of our IEO token sale slated to be held in the future.This opportunity was presented in order to help drive liquidity[b] between our ecosystems and build traction for our upcoming scaling initiatives to bring CRM to the forefront of the industry.To strengthen our relationship, we gave an opportunity to Matic community members to get involved in CERE and invest up to 100,000 USD total.[c]In less than 9 hours, we received over 168 submiss...

Project Updates

Cere Network Introduction

Introducing Cere Network. The world’s first blockchain CRM and CDP solution for service data integration and collaboration.Since the advent of blockchain, distributed ledger technology has been utilized to tackle inefficiencies in every industry. Blockchain is enabling decentralized means of connecting the world’s ecosystems leading to a frictionless global economy. Financial systems, the real estate market, data storage, healthcare, insurance, and many other industries are being transformed rapidly. However, until now, no one has applied the unique advantages of distributed ledger technology ...